Why ?

I’ve never truly understood why Moroccan doctors are a constant target of citizens’ hatred and animosity. They are called by all sorts of names “ butchers” , “ evil makers”, “ unfaithful” .. the list is long. All over the world, doctors are highly viewed and respected. In Morocco, they are beaten , sexually abused , and insulted. While ministers and highly ranked officers are enjoying their holidays in the finest resorts and hotels, they, doctors, are face to face with COVID-19, a virus that has been causing ravages among people not only because of its high speed transmission but also because of anarchic decisions. Asymptomatic patients are being hospitalized while those who really need surgery to remove cancer , to Mend a broken bone, or to replace a mitral valve are sent home. Doctors are currently paying highly the price of the mistakes of an irresponsible government, a government that delayed the closure of borders, a government that allowed for the Aid to be celebrated knowing fair enough that citizens will travel to the moon if needed to be with their families on such a holy day. A government that encourages citizens to travel in order to revive tourism but at the same time closes the borders of major cities. Don’t u see that the citizen is in a mess ?!

Were doctors rewarded? Yes . How ? By deducting their wages and by depriving them of their holidays !

I am not trying to defend doctors or saying they are perfect. Nobody is. They do make mistakes which is humanary. Fatigue, demotivation, lack of concentration are all factors of doctors decline. I am just trying to state facts from the humble perspective of a third year medical student who has been in the field and discovered the ugly face of Moroccan health care system. A student who saw how badly residents feel when they can’t offer more because of a severe lack of materials. I have seen teenagers, young beautiful innocent adults lose stupidly their fingers , toes and even hands . They couldn’t be reimplanted because the hospitals simply don’t dispose of such sophisticated Instruments. I am not writing these lines to throw the blame on specific groups. I am just trying to express the anger that has been building inside of me for months. I somehow felt it is crucial to put a spotlight on the catastrophic situation we are living. It’s time to finally wake up and come to our senses. Dear citizens, if the moroccan health care system is disastrous , it’s partly because of you. Because you are the ones who voted for the inadequate representatives . Vote instead for those who will develop it, the ones who will try to raise awareness among people through a proper education. Those who will encourage social development. Those who will try to narrow the gap between social classes instead of widening it. We all take part in this responsibility. We ought to be the voice of righteousness. Believe in our Moroccan capacities. Condemn the corrupted. With talent , focus, ambition and justice, great things shall happen. And among those, highly developed health care infrastructures.

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