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The dream to cure ,the dream to doctor. – Ilham Series, Part One.


” If becoming a doctor is the procured arrival ,then being a medical student is the sublime journey ,if becoming a doctor is the utopian dream ,then being a medical student is the most resilient and real travail ,if the first is the axon ,then the later is the right fining of neurotransmetters ,if the first is the endangered organ then the later is the perfect proportion of serotonin ,oxytocin and dopamine .as medical students ,we have the unique privilege of being a doctor and the untethred freedom of not yet becoming one !
It all started when i got accepted in med school even if ,actually it began years ,as an infant ,when my immune system defended my body against all pathogenes but couldn’t defend my brain from a sincerly proclaimed goal !

On the firsr day in med school ,i still rember the amount of pride that alleviated all the past work ,post-white coat ,the amout of joy that my heart played ,like a song ,on the harp of my dream becoming true ,as live seemed to finally playing the right keys . not being an artist holding a brush ,but an artist using a scalpel ,that doesn’t paint a portrait but rather a live ! That what was it like ,to study medecine , and if you think that any fraction of your live will remain the same ,if you think that this new lump in your live will last as begnin and won’t invade every cell of your existence ,then the next eleven years will simultaneously prove to your frontal lobe how medecine is not a phase ,but actually a live . it’s not evanescent ,it’s chronical !

During your medical pathway ,time will stretcg and prolonge ,you’ll enter it as a “precoce” teenager and eventually leave as a “latent” adult ,you will be drown to it the way the moon orbites a planet , you will be affix to it the way a part is affixed to a wholle ,you will sink in it ,bask in it’s glow ,so slightly ,so dolufly , medecine is not something that happends to you ,it’s something you you happend to ,because at the end ,it’s not about that MD, it’s about saving somoene’s live !

And easy it is not ,when you commit to medecine ,you can’t invest halfway . it’s a severe detour that will make you swallow massive encyclopedian volumes in finitesimal yet firitival doses ,dwell you to fall in love with grey’s anatomy ,the book not the serie ,nudge you to memorize muscles ,nerves and vasculature instead of singers ,actors and authors ,will subside you from attending your waited movie premier in cinemas to attending appendicectomie in the O.R , deprivate yoy from laughing with your friends to smiling to you patients ,deprivate you from sleep and betake you to night shifts instead ,where you will course the subterranean hospital halls the way blood courses the veins will teach you about the art of cure more than books ever will ,these blocks will transmitt signals ,informations ,memories that will hijacke time and place like buzzlighter to infinity and beyound ,will evoke smells ,outbursts of emotions ,drops of sweat ,oceans of blood ,tension you inhale ,effort you exhale .you feel off your way ,and your only map are the arteries network . you feel off the radar and X-rays are your only guide .
In hospital shifts ,you will be forever lost and momentumly found !” 
To be continued

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