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Heroes wear blouses !


In light of the recent corona virus epidemic, the whole world slowly started to realize a certain fact that repeated itself countless times over the pages of history, it was like some sort of a wake-up call, a bitter truth that shook the bravest of hearts and enlightened even the brightest of minds into realizing the universal fact that dates back to the time when the first man who ever lived met Death and didn’t even stand a chance. It was at that moment that mankind realized that regardless of their infinite potential for growth and their uncanny ability to adapt, humans are weak and frail and are even weaker when they’re divided. Hence our need to believe in an almighty creator and our need to come together and form societies to live in them and governments to keep them safe and in check. Over these past few years, it’s been getting very obvious that governments have forgotten what the true pillars on which societies stand are. In our day and time, one of those pillars is being tested more than ever before, it’s the pillar that houses all the hospitals, doctors and all the medical staff and today, march 30th is about as perfect as any time for us to honor these people for their extraordinary work and their extreme valor.

While facing the strongest of opponents and the hardest of them to fight, doctors stand united on the forefront, all of them ready to fight this deadly disease with nothing but their knowledge, expertise and what little equipment the government provided them with, all while dawning their protective gear, face masks, gloves along with their greatest weapon of all, their unwavering will to heal and save every single soul that seeks their help in fighting this wretched virus. And you won’t hear a cry for help from them, see a tear in their eyes or even a flinch as they put on their scrubs preparing for a new day on the front lines. Regardless of the dilapidated state their hospitals are in and how deprived they may be from any sign of cleanliness, our doctors always adapt and come up with the best possible results for a patient’s wellbeing, no matter what anyone says about how tired they always are or how many mistakes they make without knowing what they go through every day and how many times they stay awake all night, away from their families waiting for anyone and everyone to come ask them for help, all while being fully aware that they won’t be getting any applause, medals or have any statues built for them. It was a luxury that they had relinquished on the day they took the Hippocratic oath, they gave up the honor of getting such things to jugglers and singers who would go on to become the supposed pillars of the modern societies of today.

The number of infected medical personnel in Spain alone reached as of March 25th a number of 5400, nearly 14% of the total number of confirmed coronavirus cases at that time, not to forget the large number of doctors who lost their lives in the service of their country all while neglecting their own wellbeing and health. Among those who died a hero’s death is Li Wenliang, the Chinese doctor who tried to warn his fellow doctors worldwide about the coronavirus outbreak but was accused of spreading false rumors. Fortunately, his death wasn’t in vain and his name shall be engraved in the pages of history and remembered for years to come. I always heard as a young boy that heroes were invincible and that they always come back no matter what, that the strongest of them were aliens that come from other planets, that they wore capes and masks to hide their identities. Today I learned that true heroes are human and weak, but they just never give up. They wore masks not protect themselves, but to protect us. True heroes don’t wear capes, they wear blouses!

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  1. Incredible ❤️❤️❤️.. keep writing such beautiful texts 👍🏻

    1. thaaanks a lot for your continued support, i really appreciate it 🙂

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