Behind enemy lines

Have you ever wondered what would be your reaction if you were suddenly in war without getting the chance to know your enemy, to read his mindset, to discover the weapons and the strategy he uses? It would be awful right? Well what if you were put in the same situation with major difference: your enemy is invisible.

You may live this scenario while reading a fictional book. But I can assure you that it actually did occur. Today the world is fighting against a fierce invisible enemy. We call it COVID19.

The first time the virus invaded our territory, a war had been declared. And after the  58 deaths, it seemed that we lost the first battle. Anger, fear and anxiety welled up in the depths of our being. We felt as though we have been stabbed in the chest. We looked as though we have been hit in the solar plexus. Doctors and nurses were and still are under a great deal of stress, hospitals are overflowing with the sick and dying and anguished survivors enduring the death of their loved ones.

Some Moroccan citizens were shocked to discover the real face of The Moroccan health care  system , with a huge lack of equipments and materials. Dear citizens, no wonder medical students went on a 6 month boycott. Why do you think  they sacrificed 6 months of training and studies. They simply believed that at some point in our lives , we all have to do a crazy thing and make  a bold decision. During those 6 months, they kept protesting because they certainly could not work in such disastrous conditions. Unfortunately, people were so narrow minded, so mean spirited and so absurd and thought it was an immature decision. Responsibles refused to open their minds enough to admit that our catastrophic circumstances require an uncomfortable solution. We never found anyone who dared to  engage in a meaningful conversation about a real solution. Today they surely collect the seeds they have planted.

It’s time to gather our strength for what is to come. Doctors may be shaken but will never be destroyed; they won’t collapse like a house of cards. They have always managed to keep their emotions rigidly private. They have always managed to handle stress beautifully. Doctors are the ones who defied all odds, survived the unthinkable and accomplished the impossible. Look into their eyes and you will see bravery . Look into their eyes and you will see their features hardening with all the detached composure of an emergency doctor dealing with a crisis. If you want to survive, you surely have to believe in their abilities and follow their recommendations with every bone of your body and with every fiber of your being. Otherwise, you have everything to lose and certainly everything to fear.

Believe in them

Protect them by staying home

And most importantly do stay calm because only one form of contagion is faster than a virus and that’s fear.

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