Be positive

When i first heard of the corona virus, I was such a fool to convince myself that such thing would never cross our boundaries since it is thousand miles away. Little did I know that one day we’ll be locking ourselves at home, far away from our family and friends. Little did I know that the sight of deserted streets will make my heart long for old days.Little did I know that the only genuine treasures I’ll have in my possession are the memories I’ve been carrying with me everywhere of all the people I’ve met along the way. People  who turned from total strangers to closest friends. Friends who made my day, who made me laugh hilariously and who made me live my life to the fullest and leap into things more spontaneously. Friends who believed in me and made me realize that no matter how scary things might seem I should move forward. And this is exactly what gave me the will to get up from bed every morning. I realized that pessimism is a waste of time because you can’t forestall a disaster by sitting around and brooding about it. I realized that from time to time, everyone was met with disappointments, setbacks that tested your character and made you stronger if you kept your spine stiff and soldiered onward. That good and bad things happen to all of us and it is what you do about it and how you handle it that truly matters. You just can’t sit around and let it break you or depress you. 

Maybe it is time to discover some hidden talent of yours. Maybe it is time to distract yourself by learning how to cook even if the result is terrible. Maybe it is time to learn a language that has always enchanted your heart. Maybe it is time to finish a serie you’ve kept postponing because of exams and studies. Maybe it is time to exercise regularly , thing that you missed because of daily life struggles. Maybe it is time to read that piece of history that has always sparked your interest. Maybe it is time to give up smoking and all those bad habits. 

In times like these, I do what I have always done to keep myself steady and balanced. I read. Reading is a personal matter to me, more personal than anything else. When drawing to a story, I feel free, a freedom I’ve been lacking for the past month. I could become the center character, male or female, child or adult and live a different life from my own. I could fly to LA back to Florence in 24 hours. I could taste a delicious Italian pizza or French fries all while sitting on my couch. In other words, reading isolates me from the outside world.

You are not the only one in slow motion. The whole world is ! Isn’t time to reflect on yourself. To discover your inner power and your greatest gifts. To mend your broken pieces and to heal your soul. To listen to what your mind and body need. Isn’t it time to have a deep breathing while allowing the sunlight to warm your face and calm the pessimistic thoughts racing in your mind ?

Always remember the following: This is your life. We only go around once. Do what makes you happy even in a period as terrible as the current one. You can’t spend the rest of your confinement days sitting in front of Tv and watching depressing news. It is your opportunity to start a new chapter. And if you feel depressed, put in mind that a person of your age is currently fighting death on an ICU bed.

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