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A perspective on the Covid19 crisis


Though the majority of people might perceive the year of 2020 as a year of misery, sorrow, lockdown and diseases. Some may perceive it as a chance to know who your true allies are, a chance to unmask your enemies. 

The Covid crisis revealed the true Moroccan potential. It is not easy to build a 700 hospital capacity in one week. Nor producing millions of masks and ventilating machines in a record time. It is even more challenging to assure an online learning for a vast majority of students within days. Or to assure a decent salary for those in need or those who were left jobless because of this terrible crisis. I am ashamed to realize that when Moroccan authorities were racing against the clock to protect citizens from a social and economic collapse, they were some greedy enemies who benefited from the situation tomake their own fortune.  Wouldn’t you for once leave your egoism aside and show some patriotism? Wouldn’t you for once help shut off water leaks instead of causing them?

It seems that the crisis gave the responsibles a blow to awake our country from its lethargy. It is time to seriously put a plan to develop the educational and medical fields. It is time to finance medical researches and empower scientists. It is time to stop the brain drain by creating true opportunities. Don’t you feel heartbroken when you see a Moroccan talent shining in a foreign sky? It is time to stop giving importance to silly personalities and silly events. Who is currently trying to save the country from drowning other than health care professionals, teachers, military and police officers? The destiny of the nation is definitely in their hands. Not in those of an actor or a singer to whom you give millions of dollars. Maybe it is time to rearrange our priorities and needs.

The crisis also delivers a message to all those who carry a dream in their heart telling them to not give up. To keep making their own life with their own goals independent of the world they live in. To live up to the commitment they make. To keep trying even if they are rejected. Take the example of Dr Moncef SLAOUI. You will realize that we shouldn’t surrender at the very first obstacle. That we all deserve a decent chance in life if we fight for it. That we may live in a dark world but the light of our determination will stop the darkness from swallowing us. 

Tawab Ait Abdelmoula
A 20 YO medical student who has a huge passion for books and traveling. 😍🔥

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